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I Can't Stand [Meeting] You is a collection of all the ridiculous things I've written to and about drummer and composer Stewart Copeland.

I actually did meet him for about five crazy seconds in 2007, again for a few exciting moments in August 2009, and my most recent (and most thrilling!) encounter took place in October 2009, where I proved myself capable of being, yet again, a total dork in the man's presence.

I can't believe what I get up to. And neither should you.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Stewart Copeland!

If he were here now, he could have whatever kind of cake he wanted; I just happened to have a few cupcakes left over. In one of these shots, I know I look kind of sweaty - I didn't bake these but if you want to think I did, go right ahead. Wishing Stewart a very, very happy birthday; if I had his phone number, I'd call tonight from my flute lesson and play a very corny duet version of "Happy Birthday" with my flute teacher for him.

Yes, that's exactly the kind of birthday present I've been imagining myself giving to him...

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