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I Can't Stand [Meeting] You is a collection of all the ridiculous things I've written to and about drummer and composer Stewart Copeland.

I actually did meet him for about five crazy seconds in 2007, again for a few exciting moments in August 2009, and my most recent (and most thrilling!) encounter took place in October 2009, where I proved myself capable of being, yet again, a total dork in the man's presence.

I can't believe what I get up to. And neither should you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Stewart,

Hello, my friend! How are you? What's up since your appearance on Storage Wars?

I have to say, my TV watching has taken a serious hit. I guess having a 13 month old will do that. Yep: my son is 13 months old, TODAY! I can't believe it. We're having a lot of fun, though in the last couple of weeks he's had either a couple of different colds or one big long one. It means there are a lot more boogers in my life than I ever thought possible. He also has a cough, which seems to come and go.

On Valentine's Day, he started walking! We were shocked. He's started going to daycare three days a week, and that was the first day of the 3-day week. My husband picked him up at daycare, and called me on his way home to say that "Jules has something to show you." I thought maybe they'd made some kind of funky infant artwork (we have some already, and I LOVE IT. Usually it involves stapling leaves to a piece of construction paper or something - they're not making complex art over there), but nope: when I walked in the door, he was playing with my husband, and walking a little. He was pretty tired by then, though, so he saved the real performance for me for the next day.

My little marching man!
Since then, he's been walking all over the place. The other day we were out in the front yard, and he was up and down the sidewalk in front of my house. We get a freebie paper in my town, it's called "Beachcomber." I never, ever read it. Who knows, it might be good, but I just don't have the time. It gets delivered rolled up real tight, and has the size and shape of stubby drumsticks. Jules picked up ours, and then waddled over to the neighbor's house and picked up theirs, too. He then walked up and down our street clutching the papers. I think he's ready for marching band, don't you?

Love you,

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Anonymous said...

Our little guys are almost exactly the same age - mine turned 1 on 2/23. Aren't they just adorable when they walk around all like Frankenstein?? :-D